ATTENTIONEmployees & Spouses WITHIN 10 Years of Retirement!

The Virginia, Maryland, Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives is offering its annual NRECA Retirement Planning SeminarThe Retirement Planning Seminar is a two-day comprehensive training session that has been custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of NRECA’s member systems and employees in order to help participants plan effectively for their retirement. Topics include financial, legal, medical, pension and other aspects of retirement. The Retirement Planning Seminar is presented by NRECA’s experienced investment advisors, field services representatives and local Social Security and estate planning professionals. Attendees are encouraged to participate with questions, comments and class exercises.

Seminar Focus Areas
NRECA’s retirement benefit plans:

  • Evaluating distribution options from retirement plans
  • Estimating retirement income and expenses
  • Investing before and during retirement
  • Understanding IRAs
  • Health and long-term care costs
  • Social Security benefits
  • Estate planning concepts

Seminar Outcomes
Participants will have the ability to:

  • Understand the taxation of retirement benefit withdrawals
  • Estimate future expenses and retirement income needs
  • Calculate additional savings needed to meet retirement goals
  • Anticipate needs for long-term care, health insurance and estate planning
  • Develop a retirement investment strategy
  • Assume control of planning for retirement

Retirement Projections
Staff participating in NRECA’s Retirement Security Program can receive a retirement projection during this seminar provided the registration form is received by the Association no later than the registration deadline listed below. If you are unable to meet this deadline, projections will be sent to you after the seminar date.
The registration form must include the following information:

  • Name of the Cooperative
  • Cooperative REA#
  • Employee’s Name
  • Spouse’s Name, if applicable

The form can be used to register up to three (3) employees and their spouses.
This projection is for your normal retirement date and is for the seminar only.

Registration is now closed.