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Welcome to VMDAEC

The Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives (VMDAEC) exists to serve the member-owned electric cooperatives in the three-state area. Thirteen co-ops in Virginia, one in Maryland and one in Delaware are members of the Association.

Association member cooperatives serve more than 2 million people in the three states through more than 600,000 meters in Virginia, more than 50,000 meters in Maryland and more than 90,000 meters in Delaware.

Virtual Meeting but a Real Celebration of Electric Cooperatives

By presenting our annual meeting on a remote basis, we’re not encumbered by seating limits or travel arrangements. Instead, the virtual nature of the meeting gives more people more opportunities than ever to engage in topics that affect their electric cooperatives and their member-owners. We want to thank our Session Sponsors and Associate Members for enabling us to put on our first-ever virtual annual meeting at No Charge.