Celebrating careers in the energy field in 2021

Lineworkers, sure — that’s a given — but the diversity of employees at electric cooperatives goes way beyond them.

Engineers. Financial analysts. Graphic designers. Meeting coordinators. GIS mappers. Customer service representatives. Purchasing specialists. IT professionals. Broadband marketers. Dispatchers. Videographers. And more.

Think of them as #Powerful Careers.

During 2021, the Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives will spotlight careers in energy to attract prospective employees entering the workforce, professionals looking for a career change or workers who have been affected by pandemic-related budget cuts.

With our 15 member cooperatives in the three-state area, we will highlight employees with nontraditional backgrounds in the pages of Cooperative Living, online at vmdaec.com and co-opliving.com, and through our social media channels. We’ll be at job fairs, co-op annual meetings and community meetings.

It’s a rich field to draw from, with nearly 1,800 cooperative employees in our member cooperative systems.

We’ll be using the hashtag #PowerfulCareers, and we invite you to read, like, follow and share our information with the next generation of co-op employees.

Our co-op employees have great stories to tell. By sharing them with hundreds of thousands of readers, we hope to interest them in a co-op career, and the stability, security and fulfillment those jobs bring.

Powerful Careers: Mitch DeJarnette

Mitch DeJarnette remembers as a boy riding along with his dad, who worked as a contractor clearing rights-of-way for electric cooperatives along the East Coast. That impressed the young man enough to pursue his own career in line work — most importantly, at a cooperative. “Coming out of high school, I just had a long list of things I knew I didn’t want to do,” DeJarnette says. That’s when his journey began. He enrolled at Southeast Lineman Training Center in Dade County, Ga., a trade school...

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Co-op Career

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Co-op Career

There are many ways to earn a paycheck, but some are more rewarding than others. Here are 10 reasons to consider joining the electric cooperative family. 10. Tech-focused: Rapid advances in renewable generation, energy storage and smart grid technologies are changing the way we use electricity. If you work at an electric cooperative, you can be part of this once-in-a-lifetime industry transformation. 9. Business on a human scale: Decisions are made locally by managers who know employees by...

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