Central Virginia Electric Cooperative received an honorable mention for security excellence in the 2023 Elevate Awards by Juniper Networks. The Elevate Awards celebrate the most innovative companies in the world that are using technology to dramatically improve their businesses.

“As one of the first rural cooperatives to have a systemwide fiber network, CVEC wanted to optimize the benefit to all members,” says CVEC President and CEO Gary Wood. “Our innovative IT team took on the challenge of connecting our downline devices cost-effectively and securely. Their use of the Juniper devices helps us reach our goals. We are honored to be considered for an award in the AI Innovation and Security Excellence categories and to be named with honorable mention.”

CVEC is utilizing the fiber network to modernize its electric grid, improve service to its members, lower operational costs, and meet growing demand for renewable energy. CVEC relies on Juniper SRX firewalls to securely connect the substations in its grid with downline equipment such as recloser switches, regulators, and other supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) monitoring devices and controllers. In addition to restoring power faster after an outage, CVEC expects the smart-grid project to make technicians more productive.

“Before, a technician would have to drive to the location of the outage, which might be in the mountains,” says CVEC Network Engineer Joel Wendland. “The tech would have to clear the outage and then drive to the recloser location, close it out, and re-energize the line. But with our downline devices connected by SRX firewalls, our control center can make repairs remotely and restore service faster.”

The Elevate Awards winners, finalists and honorees represent over twenty countries, showcasing the depth of innovation happening across the globe. Categories recognized customers in seven key categories – AI Innovation, Business Transformation, Data Center of the Future, Empowering Change, Experience First, Security Excellence and 5G Leadership. The selection process involved a combination of Juniper executive and external judges selecting the finalists and winners. 

To read CVEC’s full case study, visit the website: https://www.juniper.net/us/en/customers/2023/central-virginia-electric-cooperative-case-

–Report by Melissa Gay, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative.