On Oct. 24, cooperative directors of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware electric cooperatives attended a statewide workshop sponsored by the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation. The workshop offered co-op directors a great opportunity to learn about the strong tradition and rich history of electric cooperatives while becoming better acquainted with other directors from the three-state area.

Provided was a variety of finance-focused topics designed specifically for directors of electric cooperatives. Directors were updated on the latest economic trends, including unemployment, GDP growth and interest rates, as well as instruction on how to better decipher 21st-century financial statements, operation statements and balance sheets.

“These sessions offer specialized state-specific training directly from the experts,” said Brandon Burton, director of education for the Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives. Session topics included new approaches to ratemaking, emerging technology and more.

Presenters included John Suter, vice president of capital markets research and analysis; John Grant, vice president of events and training; Mark Schneider, vice president of industry research and consulting; Burton Benkwith, regional vice president; and Carrie Shannon, senior corporate counsel.

Attending the workshop were 45 directors from 14 electric cooperatives. Thanks to CFC for sponsoring the event that included a reception on the terrace of the Hilton Virginia Crossings and an elegant dinner featuring filet and crabcakes.

– Report by VMD Association