There are many ways to earn a paycheck, but some are more rewarding than others. Here are 10 reasons to consider joining the electric cooperative family.

10. Tech-focused: Rapid advances in renewable generation, energy storage and smart grid technologies are changing the way we use electricity. If you work at an electric cooperative, you can be part of this once-in-a-lifetime industry transformation.

9. Business on a human scale: Decisions are made locally by managers who know employees by name, not halfway across the country in some corporate headquarters. Their smaller size and local control gives co-ops more flexibility to innovate and try new ideas to improve the service they provide.

8. Support a clean environment: As technology improves, electric cars, next-generation heating and cooling systems, home automation and other forms of environmentally beneficial electrification will reduce our reliance on less efficient forms of energy.

7. Retirement security: Co-op employees deliver a valuable service to their communities, and they’re rewarded for that dedication with outstanding retirement benefits. Many co-ops offer both a 401(k) plan and a defined-benefit pension plan.

6. National reach: America’s 900-plus electric cooperatives serve 48 states and 56 percent of our nation’s landmass. So whether you want to stay in your hometown or explore another part of the country, odds are good that there will be an electric cooperative nearby.

5. Stability: Electronics play a critical and growing role in our daily lives, and as our reliance on technology increases, so too will our demand for electricity. As long as we need electricity, we’ll need workers to ensure it is safe, reliable and affordable.

4. Principles, not profit: When you work for an electric cooperative, you’re not helping some Wall Street elite get richer. You’re working to serve your friends, family and neighbors who collectively own the cooperative.

3. Join a global movement: More than 250 million people around the world earn their living working in cooperatives, and the cooperative economy generates approximately $2.5 trillion in global economic activity each year.

2. Competitive pay: You won’t get rich working for your local electric co-op, but you’ll enjoy excellent pay and benefits that can help you and the people you love achieve the American dream.

1. Build a stronger community: Safe, reliable and affordable energy is critical to the health and prosperity of a community. Electric cooperatives power our homes, schools, farms and businesses, and keep rural America connected to the global economy.

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(Featured Photo – Mapping/GIS employees look at a map. – By: Scott Van Osdol)