The North Carolina Electric Meter School and Grid Technology Conference is an endeavor to bring together meter personnel from the electric utility industry to present information on common problems, standard practices, procedures and new technologies.

This year’s four-day event included comprehensive coverage of critical topics in seven tracks, including Single Phase, Polyphase, Advanced Metering/Engineering, Management, Basic Substation and Distribution Principles, Advanced Substation and Distribution Concepts, and Emerging Technologies.

VMDAEC Training Center instructors Bob Wilcox and Curtis Craig have been involved with the Meter School and Conference for many years and currently serve on the steering and program committees. J.T. Jacobs and Jim Robertson also represented the Association at this year’s conference by hosting a vendor exhibit and visited with hundreds of attendees throughout the week, discussing mobile testing and training services.

Wilcox and Jacobs joined a panel discussion regarding training approaches in today’s environment and provided valuable insight.

The North Carolina Electric Meter School and Conference provides attendees with a unique opportunity to learn all aspects of metering and basic substation equipment and operation in a classroom environment. The school offers tracks for the beginner to the most advanced meter personnel, as well as offers the opportunity for the leaders of these operations to hear about new technologies, problems, resources and solutions to meet the everchanging environment of the electric utility industry. The Meter School and Conference also provides an excellent opportunity for vendor interaction with all levels of metering personnel.

The 2025 N.C. Electric Meter School and Grid Technology Conference is scheduled for June 8-12 at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

–Report by Jim Robertson, VMDAEC.