Empower Broadband’s high-speed expansion to Bracey’s Americamps, River Ridge and Tanglewood locations in Virginia took a massive leap forward as company officials announced that delayed equipment is finally en route.

The scheduling of in-home installations is set to begin on April 4 and will continue into June until services to all existing applicants are installed. Empower Broadband is a subsidiary of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative.

“The advantage of this project lies in the utilization of advanced electronics to convert the existing analog cable system to a state-of-the-art digital broadband network utilizing DOCSIS technology,” says John C. Lee Jr., Empower’s CEO. “Statistics and capabilities demonstrate coaxial cable is a solid delivery system for high-speed connectivity … and will dramatically improve the delivery times available to nearly 2,000 accounts in these three communities. Our members there have waited patiently, and we are looking forward to being in a position to offer them world-class broadband service that is unaffected by weather or terrain and offers subscribers highly reliable, high-speed broadband service.”

Currently, there are over 400 applications in the ARRT project area queue awaiting service. Empower’s staff highly encourages residents who have not yet submitted their application to do so immediately while the team is in the final stages of construction and installation planning. Residents who submit applications during this critical startup period will receive service faster than those who delay their submissions. Residents can apply by clicking “Check Availability” at www.empowermec.net and carefully following the steps as directed.

—Report by Priscilla Lawson Whirley, Communications Specialist, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative